Haul: French Drugstore Skincare Products

I went on a short holiday to Paris a few months back. I've never been so I'm naturally excited but to be honest, I'm looking forward to visiting French pharmacies. Here's my relatively small haul. Some of these products are my staples and since they're made in France, I figured they might be cheaper there. … Continue reading Haul: French Drugstore Skincare Products


2 Days in Florence

This is still part of our 4-part Italy series and we're heading out to the Tuscan region, in the city of Florence. Firenze! I love how the Italians name their places. It feels like they're from a mythical world 🙂 We took a train from Rome to Florence. We pre-booked our tickets online so we won't have to … Continue reading 2 Days in Florence

Black Friday Haul: Glossier

Late to the party but this is the only Black Friday haul I'll post cos I don't have any other, to be honest. I didn't even plan on buying these, but here we are. On to the good stuff! I purchased: Glossier Phase 2 set Boy Brow (Black) Generation G (Jam) Stretch Concealer (Medium) Cloud … Continue reading Black Friday Haul: Glossier

4 Days in Rome

This is a 4-part series on our 8-day Italian adventure, and on this particular post let's focus the spotlight on il mio preferito, Rome. Oh Roma! I can't wait to go back. We stayed at an Airbnb a few steps from the Vatican Museum. It was the perfect spot because aside from it being close to the … Continue reading 4 Days in Rome

Kojie-San Soap for Dark Underarms

Underarms. Where do I begin.  I'm that girl who wants what I refer to as "ilok artista" (rough translation: underarms of celebrities). Basically, it means having flawless pits. It is one of my insecurities which means, no pictures of them in this post 😛 I will do my best to convey my underarm woes in … Continue reading Kojie-San Soap for Dark Underarms

Review:Origins Original Skin Renewal Serum with Willowherb

My friend Margot got me a travel-sized (15ml) version of this serum when she went home from Denmark so I have no idea how much it costs here in the Philippines. I did check Sephora and 30ml costs $40 while the 50ml bottle is at $54. A bit steep, I think. Anyway, don't you love it when … Continue reading Review:Origins Original Skin Renewal Serum with Willowherb