Me and my friend Margot have been talking about hair for the last couple of weeks. Our number one problem? Hair fall. She wants to get a haircut to save her locks from further damage, so she asked me for ideas on short to medium length hairstyles that will suit her. I’ve been planning on cutting my hair too, because I’m about to have a major life change and I feel that it would be practical if I cut my hair so I decided to look for hairspirations. It wasn’t difficult because I have one hair inspiration for most of my life and that’s Kirsten Dunst. I feel like we have the same face shape except my cheeks are fuller (*and also because someone on Facebook who I don’t know in real life once made a comment on my picture that I looked like Kirsten Dunst).

Those who know me have witnessed the many hairstyles that I had for the last couple of years so I would want to try something I haven’t had before. I had a short hair phase for almost 2 years because let’s face it, short hair is fuzz free if you don’t care too much – and I don’t care. However, it’s an entirely different situation if you’re into styling it because it would be a lot of work. Important note to mention, one of my dreams (let’s put it that way) is to sport a pixie cut. I don’t have the confidence to pull it off yet so it’s probably not happening anytime soon.

Okay, so on to the chosen Kirsten looks!

Kirsten Dunst

I like this a lot but I might look like a full moon especially since I gained some weight hehe My cheeks are looking too full lately, I need some hair coverage on my face.


This one’s a bit difficult to maintain because you have to blow dry regularly to keep the shape and nope, I ain’t got time for that. I still like it though and maybe Margot would like this too! (Hi Got, whatsapp me if you do)


I have this picture on my phone for far too long so I can show it to the hairstylist. I don’t know why I’ve never gotten around to doing it. Maybe now is the perfect time?


Probably the less risky among the ones I’ve chosen. I think I’ve had this style before. Not too dramatic but a nice change.


My dream hair. Seriously, this gorgeous woman can pull off anything. Look at her!

Here are some of my short hair looks in the past.

*Yea, I know I’m far from looking like Kirsten Dunst but I got really kilig hehe

-All of Kirsten Dunst’s photos are taken from internet-


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