Underarms. Where do I begin. 

I’m that girl who wants what I refer to as “ilok artista” (rough translation: underarms of celebrities). Basically, it means having flawless pits. It is one of my insecurities which means, no pictures of them in this post 😛 I will do my best to convey my underarm woes in words, although pictures would definitely say it best.

Brief Underarm Background


I have some discoloration on the inner parts of my pits maybe because of frequent sugar waxing and an acid exfoliant mishap years ago. They’re not really dark but they’re quite noticeable. I tried IPL for about 8 sessions (it was a promo) but it didn’t completely remove my underarm hairs ‘cos I’m really balbon so now, I’m back to sugar waxing. I also have chicken skin and I hate it. I think the IPL sessions that I did reduced some but they’re still there. However the most annoying thing for me, which is not related to skin lightening, are the obvious lines/folds. Am I the only one who has that? Maybe because I have fat underarms haha but seriously, they are fatty. (I’m sorry, I have stupid concerns)

I had a phase when I was obsessed at making my pits flawless but as I grew older, I realized that they’re just underarms and people don’t really pay attention to them (unless they’re people like me). I’m an avid reader of Projectvanity where Liz once blogged about Kojie-san (kojic acid lightening soap) and how much she loves it because it made her knees lighter so I figured, maybe I can use it for my underarms as well?

How I Use It


I have a habit of cutting bar soaps so they last long and I do the same for Kojie-san. In the shower, I lather the soap and apply it on my underarms. I let it stay for about 2-3 minutes, rinse, then proceed with the rest of my routine. I don’t use this for the rest of my body ‘cos I like my color the way it is. Side note: I like that it smells citrus-y and leaves a faint scent in the shower.

It’s locally available in drugstores and supermarkets. I bought mine from SM supermarket but I’m pretty sure you can find it practically everywhere in the Philippines. It’s affordable, too! I have the box which has 3 bars at 100 grams each and sells at 120php.

Long story short, I used it on my pits and noticed that my skin tone improved in a week. Also, I don’t know if it’s just me but I think that my pits are smoother. It’s still not ilok artista but the dark spots are lighter and I’m now more confident whenever I raise my arms.




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