I have abandoned this space for far too long ‘cos life got in the way, but here I am again!

So many things have happened and I’m going to start by writing about how I finally got to practice as a nurse in the UK. When I was still in the Philippines, I also did a lot of research to be able to know more about how to become registered in the UK (and there isn’t a lot of information out there) so I’ll try my best to write about my experiences. Below are the straightforward requirements that you need to have in order to start with the processing. I suggest going into an agency ‘cos they’ll help you with all of the paperworks. I’ll list them down but try to explain each on separate posts.

You need to register and complete the information on the NMC website for overseas registration which I linked for you.

  1. UKVI IELTS – needed for you to be able to take the CBT. You can book your examination here. Remember that you need to have an average of 7 on all tests (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking) , and nothing below 7 for each.
  2. CBT (Computer-based test) – if you’re familiar with the NCLEX for US-RNs then this is the UK equivalent. Go over to the Pearsonvue site and have a look.
  3. OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination)– this is similar to return-demonstration/practicals back in nursing school. I took mine twice ‘cos I failed on the first try. We have OSCE support in our trust and they booked the exam for us.

*1 and 2 needs to be done in the Philippines. You’re only allowed to take the OSCE when you’ve complied with the two.

These three are what you need to earn your pin and be qualified as an RN here in the UK. I have to say that OSCE is the most difficult especially since you have to take it while you’re in the UK. If you fail the exam twice, then you’ll be asked to go back home.



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