Late to the party but this is the only Black Friday haul I’ll post cos I don’t have any other, to be honest. I didn’t even plan on buying these, but here we are. On to the good stuff!

I purchased:

Glossier Phase 2 set

  • Boy Brow (Black)
  • Generation G (Jam)
  • Stretch Concealer (Medium)

Cloud Paint Duo

  • Haze
  • Storm

Everything was 20% off, and free shipping if you reach £25. Placed my order and prayed that it arrives before I leave for Paris (this needs a blog!) because shipping is 2-5 days.


Now, let me just tell you about how great Glossier’s customer service is. I’ve been going back and forth with the Haloscope (Quartz) because I don’t think I’ll be using it as much as the others. But after watching several youtube reviews, I caved in and ordered it the day after. Since I wasn’t sent an email confirmation that my items have been shipped, I emailed their gTEAM if I can have the Haloscope included so I can have it shipped for free. Liz, a gTEAM editor, informed me that orders are processed an hour after they are placed and so she can’t include the additional item. However, she added a £4 credit on my account so shipping will be free!

Unfortunately, it didn’t arrive before I went on a holiday. I was hoping I can use it for the trip. It’s alright though cos I had something to look forward to on my way back.



Boy Brow– I have naturally full brows so I thought it won’t do much for me but I actually liked the effect. Bushy brows but not caterpillar-looking. Very Liza Soberano hehe

Cloud Paint (Storm) – It appears very dark and ruddy on the swatch above but once blended on my skin, I looked like I had a natural flush. Like I-came-back-from-the-cold kind of flush. I have not tried Haze on my cheeks yet but I like the color from the tube.

Generation G (Jam) – This is my favorite among all my Glossier purchases. You see, whenever I wear lipstick, I blot them so it appears more natural. This doesn’t need to be blotted. One swipe and I’m set to go. This is in the new formula and if compared to the old one (I had one in Leo), I’d say this is more moisturizing. Packaging is better and heftier. This also has more product. However, I find the smell off putting.

Stretch Concealer (Medium) – Since I bought mine online, I was hoping that the shade would suit me and thankfully, it did! It’s smooth and creamy. It actually reminds me of Skinfood’s Salmon Concealer although that is thicker and more orange. Coverage is medium and it brightened my under-eyes nicely. However, upon closer inspection I noticed that it settled into my fine lines after a few hours.

Haloscope (Quartz) – I’m very lazy at putting on make-up. Most days, I’m alright with a tinted lip balm and nothing else. Needless to say, a highlighter is not part of my makeup routine whenever I wear makeup so I really don’t know why I bought this. But when I tried it, I know I will reach for it as often as I can. I love how it looks so subtle on the skin. It’s giving you that glow-from-within look. If you’re looking for a blinding highlighter, this is not for you. If you want the glass skin/glowy look, try using this!

I’ve always thought about Glossier as a gimmicky brand but I actually like how they look on my skin. Also, let me just be honest and say that I’m a sucker for their branding and aesthetics lol i’m sorry

Any thoughts on Glossier? Share them to me! 🙂






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